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At Juncture Strategies we partner with agencies to produce content such as video within your budget so that you're able to. We specialize in process & customer journey improvements. Don't have the time to learn innovative methods of engagement? Lean on our years of experience in the virtual reality and augmented reality space and let us help you shine. Lastly, we offer marketing services for companies with too much on their plate. We have no problem partnering to expand your team’s numbers and knock down the work.


We offer affordable discovery sessions to identify what your needs are and how we can best help. We are always open to grabbing a coffee to talk about your project. This includes specific services, engagement strategies, video production and distribution strategies, innovation plans, & full service marketing strategies.


Need to capture an event? Or have a client who’s event is coming to town and they’re interested in capturing on video and through photography? We are your choice. We offer Photography, Videography, Social Media Coverage, & Virtual Reality / 360 Video Coverage.


We offer competitive Non-Profit pricing and are always open to trade. Don’t even have the slightest budget? We’ll point you in the right direction and provide guidance along the way.


Are you a pro in a specific area? We are always looking to expand our team and grow our capabilities. Reach out and let us know what you got and we’ll work on finding the right project for us to grow together.

Our Services

1. Strategy

A comprehensive marketing strategy that takes into account all departments is a necessity within any organization. Creation of a cohesive strategy is often overlooked. By understanding the market, performing the necessary research, and implementing best practices, we work to create a strategy unique to you and your product. We don’t stop there, we look to understand the goals of each moving part within your organization, collaborating across marketing, sales, operations, customer service and accounting to identify solutions that best fit the process.

Process Mapping

Content Calendar

Market Research

AD Buy Strategy

2. Foundation

Plant the seed, water, and watch it blossom. 

An important step for any brand is to create a brand that fits the mission and ensure the roots are grown in the right way. Spending time developing the right brand is extremely important. Remember, it’s not just how the public views you, but the way  your customers, your employees, and your mission is put on display to make sure it’s what you want it to be.


Web Design

Social Media Strategy

Crisis Management


Process Analysis


3. Engagement

Get a hold of your customer through engaging content and distribution techniques…then, don’t let go. 

Today, there are companies that focus exclusively on how to capture your attention, on your phone, on your computer and throughout your daily life. It’s important that you’re able to do things as simple as communicate with your current clients. By understanding these techniques, we help your message get through the noise and to your customers. Whether it’s creating a story to help attract new employees, educate your client on the process and automate their proposal acceptance or getting an influential person in the industry to Tweet about your product, we got you covered.

Video Production

Social Media Management

Influencer Marketing

Public Relations

Partnership Creation


Media Buying

Proposal Creation

Digital Animation

4. Automation

Because efficiency and accuracy is important to every business process.

Automating certain steps of your process may seem less than human, but what’s missing, an important communication point due to human error? Maybe the result is that you show up and the customer isn’t there? Maybe even worse and the customer took time out of their busy day and thought they heard something that they didn’t. What’s that worth? At Juncture Strategies, we have an understanding of how to automate your process and it starts with understanding your process. By looking at the touch points, understanding what systems you already have in place, we are able to create automated experiences both for your team and for your customers.

Technology Setup

CRM Integration

CRM Identification

Email Marketing

Text Message Automation

Proposal Automation

5. Innovation

Get ahead and stay ahead. Think VR, AR and whatever’s next!

We are experts in new technology, we love gadgets and enjoy figuring things out. Oh and pushing the envelope! Let us know what your next project is and we’ll look into it, give you an idea of what you should expect. We can project manage or pass you along to someone we trust.

App Development

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

We do a lot, but may only be able to do one thing for your organization. Let’s look at your organization and see how our experience and skills can impact your customer experience. 

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