Customer Experience (CX) Analysis

Optimizing Your Customer’s Experience at Every Touch Point

We understand the importance of lead development, but have a deep understanding in the power of a happy customer, a customer treated well and is ecstatic about you. Our team's experience in the strategy creation and implementation of comprehensive marketing and operational efficiency projects provide our clientele a unique point of view. We take an in depth look at your goals, your current process, ongoing projects and collaborate across your full team to build a comprehensive strategy to reach your goals.

Key Areas We'll Look at

Current and Future Status ​

What are your goals for the company? How do you see yourself in two, five, ten years? It’s important to start with this.

Industry Trends

We’ll explore answers to questions such as what’s going on in your industry? What are your national competitors doing that can be leveraged or improved upon?

Customer Touchpoint Analysis

When do your clients hear from you and how can you make it more consistent? How do you reduce customer calls and proactively inform, educate and solidify your relationship? We'll focus some on attracting new customers, but mostly on retention of your current customer base.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Analysis and Integration

Interested in the cloud (workflow and all)? You’ll want to be cautious here and have an understanding of the CRM's available to you - not all CRM’s are created equal and your in for a rude awakening if you don't consider industry specific software. We’ve been through this and know how to evaluate and implement across a variety of industries.

Overall Marketing Strategy

You may or may not have one written down, but it’s important to ensure that key stakeholders within your organization are aligned.

Email Marketing

Make your email marketing meaningful. Still an extremely valuable communication medium. Customizing a thoughtful email journey can increase leads, but also inform and retain clients. Wouldn't it be nice to reduce the amount of reactive time you spend on the phone?

Ad Spend Analysis

What’s working? Let’s look at the contracts in place and understand how to optimize your ad spend. Are you actively tracking success? You should be, and it's easier and less expensive than you may think.

Video Content Analysis

Video is key for engagement and can be used as the tool to achieve many goals, operational and marketing. How are you using video? Have existing content, let's get creative and look at repurposing.

Engagement Techniques

Technology changes daily, what captures our attention today won’t tomorrow and it’s important to understand these changes and that your strategy needs to adjust as this larger societal change occurs. Let's look at where your customer base is and identify a comprehensive strategy to engage.


We are master budgeters and equally creative when it comes to fitting a solution into a budget. We’ll take the time to understand your budget constraints and steer you in the direction that makes the most sense.

What to Expect in a CX Analysis

  • A deep dive analysis of your efforts, organization wide
  • A technology strategy, how and what technology can be implemented to enhance your customer experience and create efficiencies throughout your organization
  • An analysis of your marketing spend to date, it’s effectiveness and suggestions on how to tie in new methods of engagement
  • Suggestions on how to implement, schedule, budget and stay ahead of the competition

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