Our Mission

Improve the customer experience through engaging content and automation, within budget and inclusive of all pain points.

About the Founder

Managing Director David Holtman began his career as an early employee at one of Louisiana’s fastest growing solar companies. He rose within operations from Customer Service Associate to become the Director of Operations focused on operational efficiency improvement and general management of the installation process. Over the five years he was a team member, the company grew from a valuation of $2mm to $165mm and expansion into four states. While working at the solar company, alongside a life long friend, he founded a marketing agency focused on strategy and implementation of marketing strategy for local and national companies. As the Managing Director, R&D DESIGN grew in two years to a half a million dollars in annual revenue. With experience in operations and marketing, David’s focus quickly turned to an area he felt was underserved in the market, the customer experience. Today, David heads up day to day management of Juncture Strategies utilizing his skillset to enhance the customer experience.

Eyes On The Customer

At Juncture Strategies, we work with companies and organizations of all sizes to improve their customer’s experience through the creation of engaging content and automation. With a background rooted in operational efficiency and expertise in production and distribution of engaging content, we take advantage of every opportunity to solidify the relationship you have with your customer, build trust, and drive referrals.

Its All About the Details

With an emphasis on touch points and consistent messaging, our results do not only include a better relationship with your client, but can improve efficiencies, reduce customer service time, and maximize referrals. Roots in process management and a broad understanding of engagement marketing, we utilize automation and media to solidify your customer’s bond.

Interested, but not sure where to start?  

Find out more about our CX Analysis. We’ll work to understand your goals, look at your marketing efforts, current workflow,  and show you cost cutting, journey enhancing solutions for the short and long term.

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